Tim Campbell MBE with Personal Combat Training Bristol


"Paul is a brilliant trainer and an even better motivator, bringing his unique brand of energy and accredited knowledge of sports fitness and martial arts to get the best out of you. He’s trained fighters, mums, city workers and even been in mine and my son's corner when we both had our first fights! I highly recommend Paul and wish you luck on your fitness journey with him."

November, 2017

John Cowdrill fitness training with Personal Combat Training, Bristol


"One of my sparring partners started getting training from Paul and immediately upped his technical ability. I needed to get involved or get left behind. Paul really looks at your strengths and weaknesses and tailors his classes to you. He taught me lots of new techniques and helped me apply them under pressure in the ring.

Paul has a passion for Muay Thai and has extensive knowledge. This allows him to teach the traditional technique with bags of enthusiasm and flair. Paul is also extremely knowledgeable about sports fitness, diet and flexibility. If you are considering getting training from Paul I would say get involved sooner rather than later, the sessions are great fun and you will see an improvement straight away."

July 2015

Matt Webster trained in Muay Thai and Kickboxing with Personal Combat Training Bristol

MATT WEBSTER (Bloodline Gym)

"If you want a trainer who will push you to your limits and help you achieve your fitness goals then Paul Skybwoy Studholme is the trainer for you. He makes absolutely sure that your technique, speed and stamina are the best they can be and then he pushes a bit more. As well as being demanding he also explains the art of Muay Thai so that you know why you are learning a particular strike, skill or technique. He took me from complete novice who couldn’t even skip to interclub level, fighting someone 20Kg heavier than me. And it was an amazing journey. If you want to learn the art of Muay Thai, get fit and are willing to give 100% I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Top bloke, top coach!"

December 2016


"For the last few months, we have employed Paul to be our son's personal trainer. Paul trains Kai for three 1-hour sessions per week. The change has been remarkable. After a tough first year at secondary school, he was understandably unhappy and having been a boy who had been very interested in sport he totally turned away from it. The result was that he quickly piled weight on which of course added further to his unhappiness.

Since training with Paul he has lost almost a stone in weight but more importantly his state of unhappiness has completely lifted. His confidence and enjoyment in life have returned. We couldn't be happier with the transformation we have seen in our boy and we put a great deal of that down to Paul's training and guidance.

Paul is a very hard taskmaster. However, he treats our son with respect and fairness. He is not afraid to demand more from him and if he sees him slacking he will certainly make his views known! Our son loves training although he knows that he will finish a session absolutely spent. That, alone, is probably all you need to know as an endorsement of Paul as an inspirational coach."

Paul and Phillipa Brooks
December 2016

Greg Chivers training in kickboxing and Muay Thai with Personal Combat Training Bristol


"I’ve been training with Paul for just over four months and I’m fitter, faster, five kilos lighter and more technical than I was before. I wasn’t a beginner when I started with him but I did have a lot of weaknesses that just weren’t improving in group classes. Some personal training coaches will let their clients avoid the stuff they’re weak at and just concentrate on their strengths so they feel good about themselves. That is not the Skybwoy way if you want an easy life then go elsewhere. If you want to get better, then he can help you."

September 2014


"I started personal training with the combination of Muay Thai with Paul. The training has changed me in many ways, giving me perseverance, determination, patience and dedication, improving my self-confidence and quality of life from day to day. Paul is not only a personal trainer he is a mentor. I have had many personal issues to deal with in the past, such as food and sleeping disorders, and over the 2 months I have gained weight and my sleeping has improved. I regularly go to the gym now and I feel confident and happier within myself."

March 2016


"I started training with Paul about five months ago, weighing 135 kg, and he trained me for four months in Muay Thai. I was incredibly out of shape, living an unhealthy lifestyle and in dire need of his help. Paul helped me not only by training hard  but also by keeping me motivated and positive mentally. He also advised me on a nutritional level. I lost 18 kilos training with him, bringing me down to 117 kg from 135! I am now 100 kg, living in Thailand and a full-time Muay Thai student, training twice a day and getting ready to fight! Thank you Paul because without your advice and time you spent helping me this would never have been possible!  Now I am very fit and living a healthy balanced life! Thank you Paul."

September 2011