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Nutrition = Food = Health > Performance > Results


Here at PCT we understand and passionately believe in the importance of good nutrition, whether you are training for fitness, competition, or just interested in being healthier. Maintaining balanced levels of essential nutrients is critical for anyone who works out or trains for a sport.

A PCT nutrition programme can help you maximise your own potential and achieve significant improvements in performance, whilst maintaining good health. Our field of knowledge encompasses all age ranges.

  • Are you training for weight loss, muscle gain, competition, or just for general health?

  • Do you want to find out how to get more energy for exercise, keep properly hydrated, reduce the risk of injury, and promote recovery between training?

  • Have you ever wondered how much protein you need to be eating throughout the day, or how soon should you eat after exercise, or should you even eat before exercise?!

You can train forever, but if you have a poor diet you will struggle to achieve the results you really want. Ditching the wrong foods (for you!) and embracing the challenge and excitement of new foods and habits can vastly improve the physical and mental changes you are working so hard in the gym (or at home) to get.  The higher the quality of fuel, the greater the performance.

At PCT we will go on a journey to make sure that you have the knowledge and expertise in your daily arsenal, not to mention the passion and energy, with which to flourish and thrive and get RESULTS.

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